LAND O’ LAKES 100 YEARS OF SEASONS: Sunday, May 30, 2021  Firemans Park in Merton BIRTHPLACE OF LAND O' LAKES Old timers game 11:am Ceremony 12:15pm Featuring longtime rivals Merton Amvets taken on the Monches Irish



For the past two years we have been upgrading all meters within the Village of Dousman.  Per the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, we have a certain time frame to have the Village completely upgraded and we are coming up on that date.  We have 176 meters left to change out of 776.  The 176 meters left will be getting a notice in their next sewer and water bill.  If you receive this letter or you know that you are one of the 176 not changed out yet please contact the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 262-965-3302 to set up a time to have it changed.  It only takes 15-20 minutes.  It is very important for these meters to be upgraded to stay in compliance with the State.  All proper precautions will be taken due to Covid.