1) Restaurant Revitalization Fund (SBA):  This program provides emergency assistance for eligible restaurants, bars, and other qualifying businesses impacted by COVID-19.

It will begin registration on April 30, 2021 EDT and open applications on May 3, 2021. Fund prioritizes direct relief to women, veterans, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, and includes $9.5 billion in set-asides for smaller businesses. For more information, visit or in Spanish at

In preparation, the SBA recommends qualifying applicants familiarize themselves with the application process in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient application experience, specifically by:

    • Wednesday, April 28
    • Friday, April 30
    • Tuesday, May 4th
    • Thursday, May 6th

For the first 21 days that the program is open, the SBA will prioritize funding applications from businesses owned and controlled by women, veterans, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. All eligible applicants are encouraged to submit applications as soon as the portal opens. Following the 21 days, all eligible applications will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis.


Consistent with the legislation and the intent of Congress, the SBA continues to take steps to ensure the equitable distribution of relief, particularly for the smallest businesses, by creating a $9.5 billion set-aside: $5 billion for applicants with 2019 gross receipts of not more than $500,000; $4 billion is set aside for applicants with 2019 gross receipts from $500,001 to $1,500,000; and $500 million for applicants with 2019 gross receipts not more than $50,000.

2) Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SBA):   (opened on 4/26)  The U.S. Small Business Administration will reopened the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant application portal on April 24, 2021, at 12:30 p.m. EDT for operators of live venues, live performing arts organizations, museums and movie theatres, as well as live venue promoters, theatrical producers and talent representatives to apply for critical economic relief. In preparation for the application portal reopening, the SBA recommends eligible applicants take the following actions:

The SVOG program was appropriated more than $16.2 billion for grants via the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Venues Act.Of these funds, at least $2 billion is reserved for eligible SVOG applications with up to 50 full-time employees. Eligible applicants may qualify for grants equal to 45% of their gross earned revenue up to a maximum amount of $10 million for a single grant. The SBA is accepting SVOG applications on a first-in, first-out basis and allocating applicants to respective priority periods as it receives applications. The first 14 days of SVOG awards, which are expected to begin in mid-May, will be dedicated to entities that suffered a 90% or greater revenue loss between April and December 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The second 14 days (days 15-28) will include entities that suffered a 70% or greater revenue loss between April and December 2020. Following those periods, SVOG awards will include entities that suffered a 25% or greater revenue loss between one quarter of 2019 and the corresponding quarter of 2020.

3) Wisconsin Fast Forward (WFF) Program (Now Accepting Applications):  The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has approximately $2 million to encumber before the end of the fiscal year (6/30) for any companies that may be interested in training funds.  The DWD’s Office of Skills Development (OSD) is again accepting applications!

In this grant release, $2 million is available as grants to reimburse the expenses incurred for the occupational training or upskilling of workers, in response to identified business workforce needs. Grant applications are due 3 pm CST on May 6, 2021.

Key features of this grant program:

  • Grants are available to all industry sectors and companies of any size;
  • Grant award amounts may range from $5,000 to $400,000;
  • Cash or in-kind match equal to 50% of the grant award amount is required;
  • Grantee must complete training of at least 85% of the contracted number of trainees; and
  • At least 65% of trainees must be placed in positions with the placement partner(s) identified in the grant application that require the skills taught in the provided training.

For more information.  Contact: John Roos
Director, Office of Skills Development
Department of Workforce Development
(608) 733-3918


4)  Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant program (to be announced, not available yet) (WEDC):  early details of the $420MM Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant program will make $5,000 grants available to Wisconsin small businesses with less than $7 million in annual revenue. WEDC will help promote the program. It will be administered by DOR similar to the WAI Phase 2 and Phase 3 grant programs. Full program details are not yet available, pending forthcoming guidance from the Treasury Department. For now all businesses should be directed to this DOR website for information:


5)  WEDC Announces Bring Ideas to Life Downtown Grant:  Help make Wisconsin’s downtowns vibrant and dynamic places to live, work and do business by submitting your best idea to the Wisconsin Main Street Downtown Pitch Contest. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) will award $10,000 to bring the winning idea to life. The pitch contest is open to Wisconsin residents 18 and older with a for-profit business idea located (or planned to be located) in a community that is part of either the Wisconsin Main Street Program or the Connect Communities Program. To apply, contact your local Main Street or Connect Communities program. A map and contact information for Main Street communities can be found on the WEDC website at:

  • Information on the Connect Communities Program can be found here:
  • Applications—including a five-minute video pitch—are due May 28. Contestants will then make a three-minute virtual elevator pitch to judges in regional semifinals the week of June 7. The winners of the regional competitions will compete in a state final on June 17.


Other Grants and Opportunities:


7) Workforce development

·        On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program – Reimbursement program for eligible full-time direct new hires.

·        Work-Based Learning – Free Paid Work Experiences (W/E) / Internships – Young Adults between the ages of 18 – 24 years old may qualify for this program.  Employers can try out candidates before they hire them onto their payroll.


8.      Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP):  Waukesha County, in partnership with Community Advocates, Inc., is administering an Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) to help people experiencing financial hardship to stay in their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is now accepting applications. More information about how to apply is available at


9.      EIDL – Supplemental Advance (SBA)Effective April 22, the SBA modified the Targeted EIDL Advance application process to determine if businesses also qualify for the additional $5,000 Supplemental Targeted Advance.  SBA will contact eligible business entities to apply and applications will be processed on a firstcomefirstserved basis. To qualify for the Supplemental Targeted Advance, an eligible business entity must be in a low-income community, suffered greater than 50 percent economic loss, and have 10 or fewer employees.

For details about the Targeted EIDL Advance and Supplemental Targeted Advance program, please visit Eligible entities can email questions about the SBA Targeted EIDL Advance and Supplemental Targeted Advance to [email protected], COVID-19 EIDL disaster loan payment questions to [email protected], and contact SBA’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-659-2955.

For regular local assistance updates, please refer to our WCCG website:

For regular federal and state guidance and resources, please visit our state office website:

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